We were incredibly lucky to be able to work with some awesome indie artists and local bands.  Our show would not be the same without these incredibly talented musicians.  Our Music Supervisor, Ali, did a phenomenal job finding and carefully selecting the tracks heard throughout the show.

mxfrankie is an up and coming artist from the Greater Los Angeles area.  Two of her tracks are featured in GAL PALS, "sad song" (101) and "too soon" (106).  Check out more of her tracks on her SoundCloud and find her on social media @mxfrankie.


Littler Band is a indie group based out of Philadelphia, PA. They have three songs featured in the show, KNIFE SUCKER (102), BEND OR FOLD (107), and SOMEWHERE ELSE (108).  Check them out here and on Facebook. @littlerband


RamJet lombardi

fever charm

Fever Charm is a group of Oakland, CA natives, who create a unique rock/indie-pop crossover with a California beach vibe.  Two of their tracks are featured, NEVER HAD BEFORE (Official Trailer) and BUENOS AIRES (108).  Read more about these guys here, and check them out on SoundCloud, and Facebook.

niceguy steve

NiceGuy Steve is a LA based rapper and songwriter.  His track, GREEN PATH is featured in episode three.  Find him on SoundCloud, Facebook, and YouTube!


Fernvndo is a recording vocalist from Greenville, South Carolina.  Two of his tracks, DONE WIDDIT/FUCK TOMORROW (106) and PS17 (107) are featured in the show.  You can find all his social media below:

Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram


tennis system


the jellies

greg ackerman

the planters

rotten mouth

Rotten Mouth is a Chicago based band with two songs featured in the show, BURN (106) and ROLL UP (107).  The music shows influences of blues, and post rock styles with an original twist.  Check them out on Bandcamp, YouTube, and Facebook.

OHMME is an experiment in voice and sound by Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart. They joined forces in 2014, inspired by the free improvisational music scene in Chicago, and influenced by folk and avant-garde rock.  They have one song, "WOMAN" (105) featured in the show.  Read more here and find them on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Tennis System is a Los Angeles based indie rock band. Their song DEAD HONEY (108) is featured in a crucial moment of the show.  Check them out on their website for tour dates, Facebook, and on Twitter/Instagram at @TennisSystem.

The Jellies is a Chicago based pop-rock band.  The show features their melody, "MISS YOU TO DEATH" (106).  You can find them on Faceobok, or check out their BandCamp.

Greg Ackerman is an LA based guitarist and songwriter.  His song "SMILE" is featured in 105 of the show.  Find him on Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

The Planters is a Los Angeles based band that consists of David Yorr, Zac Frank, and Garren Orr.  They have one song, DO WHAT SHE WANTS (101) in the series.  Check out their website, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

RamJet Lombardi is a 25 year old musician, producer, composer and music engineer from Chicago, IL. His tracks, "HEART IN THE CLOUDS" (102) and "RETURN OF THE JET" (106) are heard in the show.  Find him on his official website and SoundCloud.


adrian rush

Song "ASK ME TO STAY" featured in GO BIG OR GO HOME.  Find her SoundCloud here.

Tracks featured in 102, 105, and 106.  Find his SoundCloud here!

GAL PALS 2017 (R) | Los Angeles, CA