Skarlett redd

Sharing a love for the drama and applause, Skarlett and Olivia are one in the same. She has a passion for writing angry feminist rap ballads while crying about living in her mom's garage. Her biggest fears include getting into a car accident that causes her glasses to shatter into her eyes and for her high school students to find out about the times she was in BuzzFeed videos. Goal oriented, Skarlett keeps a short list of ways to maintain self-improvement: Remove makeup before bed, avoid retail clothing stores, and check for bias in the sources.

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Anna Wyatt, a born and raised Michigander, has been pursuing acting since graduating with her B.F.A. in acting from Oakland University in 2013. Before she made the trek to Los Angeles for film she was in the Michigan theatrical premiere of 'Police Deaf Near Far' as Roberta. Anna has been cast in various films, commercials, and web series since arriving. Currently she is in pre-production for a web series called "Lemons," and you can see her on an upcoming episode of Lifetime Movie Network's "My Crazy Ex". In her spare time she is becoming a certified ASL interpreter to develop a theater company geared towards the Deaf community and to add a more defined style of acting for her career. 

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KAtie lynn stoddard

Katie Lynn Stoddard is from the suburbs of Fredericksburg, Virginia where she took part in many plays and musicals. Though she attended a college for the arts, she attributes her main source of education to the hours upon hours of playing make-believe in her bedroom, backyard, and neighborhood. She also has double jointed shoulders and can fit 47 Goldfish crackers in her mouth. 

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Katy Erin grew up in a small town just outside of Austin, Texas, but claims the city as her home.  Her acting career began in local theater and lead up to a role in the award-winning short People With Issues, which was later made into a feature film.  After making the move to LA, she spent a couple of years performing musical theater at the Santa Monica Playhouse.  A writer as well, she took inspiration from her musical days and wrote her own called The Cure to Mortality, which premiered at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival with Katy as the lead.  Most recently she starred in Hello Goodbye, a short that will be premiering at LA Outfest 2017.

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Parker is originally from Fargo, ND (Don't cha know). He has also never seen either the movie or television show (shocking I know). He has lived in Los Angeles since 2013. Parker knew he wanted to become an actor after watching the death scene of the medic in the film "Saving Private Ryan". He fills his free time with hanging with the wife or curling (the Olympic sport played on ice). When not auditioning he likes to write shorts, and is currently working on a curling feature.  That's all he's got. 

GAL PALS 2017 (R) | Los Angeles, CA