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GAL PALS is an eight episode original series created by Sarah Soderquist & Kallie Tenney. Tired of the lack of LGBT representation in mainstream movies and television, they set out to create something they’d want to watch—a queer-centric romantic sitcom.


It’s a show where girls just happen to like girls. As Cosima Niehaus once said, “My sexuality isn’t the most interesting thing about me.” While it’s important to see people grappling with their sexuality on screen, it’s just as important to see LGBT characters doing everyday things, like they do in real life. One of the objectives of GAL PALS is to paint a more realistic, less tragic portrait of gay characters.  

Season one

Season one follows BEE, a jaded girl who plays a self-destructive game of hooking up with as many straight girls as possible, much to the disapproval of her best friend and roommate, OLIVIA--whose enemy #1 is the cooler than cool EDISON from down the hall. Bee's newest target is the fairytale romance-loving DYLAN. Bee is determined to win the game, even though Dylan's boyfriend, GARY, and--could it be?-- feelings stand in the way. Will she listen to Olivia in time? Or is heartbreak on the horizon?!!!!!

GAL PALS 2017 (R) | Los Angeles, CA